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For those who couldn’t make it, here's a 2017 video roundup by Tim Caraco


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2018 Builders

Brat Style

Go Takamine, USA

4Q Conditioning

Max Schaaf, USA

The Cutrate

Oliver Jones, USA

Vintage Dreams

Ryan Grossman, USA


Jason Webber, USA

Dice Magazine

Dean Micetich, USA

John Copeland


Cycle Zombies

Scott Stopnik, USA

Pacoima Motorcycles

Andy Porter, UK

Ben Zales


Flying Choppers



Chase Stopnik, USA

Baron's Speed Shop

Dick Smith, UK

Chopper Barn

Jelle, Belgium

The Great Frog

Reino Lehtonen-Riley, UK



Demon Lung

Rory Blofield, UK


Tom, UK

Deathgrip CC

Louie, UK

Rigid Hips

Nicke Svensson, Sweden

Goat Riders Horde

Brahm De Roeck, Belgium

Carl Parker


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2018 Retailers

Black Skulls London
Thrash It Don't Stash It
Joe King
G Miglietta Chainstitch Embroidery
Felix Jouanneau
Eat Dust
LeBeeF Kustom Metal Works
The Great Frog
Dice Magazine
Crypt of the Wizard
 About Assembly

About Assembly

Founded in 2017 Assembly is a London based motorcycle showcase & exhibition in collaboration with DicE Magazine and The Great Frog. Founded in 1972 The Great Frog has been synonmous with early motorcycle shows in the UK, reflecting the dedication and craftsmanship of motorcycle custom and chopper culture in their rock n roll jewellery. Dice Magazine was founded in 2004 and has since been the go to magazine for custom choppers and DIY motorbikes. Wanting to create a show unlike any other in the UK, Assembly brings the highest quality international custom motorcycles to the House of Vans.

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